Raghav Patri

CEO/Founder of Classic Events

Classic Events was born because of my passion executing every event with a keen eye for detail and perfection. My goal is to help bring your vision to life with ease. Tell me what your expectations are and I will simply go beyond it. Give me a challenge and I will find your ideal solution. Happily ever after starts now!


Anu Patri

Co-Founder of Classic Events

I am Raghav’s right hand and will be with you every step of the way, settling for nothing less than excellence. I often take it upon myself to bring organization, creativity & stability to all my family’s events. I would love to be apart of your event to bring those same essential aspects.


Varsha Kommuri

Event Coordinator

Growing up, I would always be amazed by weddings, Sweet 16’s, gradations & etc. I have seen the all the positive and negative sides of the process. I know how stressful it can be to plan an event and make every detail perfect, so let me take on the stress so you can enjoy your event. Not only will I be there every step of they way in terms of planning, but will also be your best friend & therapist. I look forward to creating the event of your dreams.


Darshini Kuchimanchi

Event Coordinator

As a millennial girl, I know how difficult it is to have infinite inspiration on social media, yet be challenged to create a cohesive vision. Being part of a large family and taking a core role in planning many of those events brought me the experience and passion that I believe will be an asset to bring your event to the next level. Choosing the Classic Events family to be part of your event is a decision you will not regret!